Experts in helping organisations defend against Cyber threats


Our Philosophy


Identify what is most valuable to business, where the organisation is vulnerable, what action to take and how to target investment to best effect. So the organisation can be confident that they are secure, compliant and ready to meet its objectives.


Building security into systems at the earliest concept and design phases is the only effective way to secure the complex, integrated and inter-connected solutions that organisations rely on to operate and grow.


Continuously identify, integrate and deploy the most innovative security solutions to maintain a state-of-the-art protective monitoring services with real-time reporting and escalation for immediate action on suspicious activity.

Benefits we bring to our clients


Protect the business from internal and external Cyber Threats



Monitor key assets to identify threats in near-real time and respond to contain adverse impacts



Situational awareness of the threats and response machanisms to counter them



Impart best practice strategy and policies to comply with legal and regulatory requirements



Mitigate risk to reputation, people and financial performance



Optimise Cyber Security to be business-enabler


Some of our customers

A leading insurance, investment and retirement solutions provider and a mutual


A top tier global payments provider


UK’s leading retail and commercial bank


One of the reputed Swiss based global investment banks


One of UK’s top 10 retail and commercial bank and a mutual based in Manchester


One of the global Big 4’s


World leading oil and gas giant


UK's leading mobile and broadband provider