About Us

Passionately helping organisations defend against Cyber threats

Our Story

ISHVAR is a collection of passionate cybersecurity professionals enthused about supporting businesses and organisations to meet their ever-evolving cybersecurity challenges and take on cyber threats.

From implementing security solutions to strategising cybersecurity at board level we have helped organisations from different sectors within and outside the UK.

We provide a set of consulting, architecture, governance, solution design and operations services on Cloud and  Cybersecurity.

Our services are defined to help our customers gain confidence in their business processes, Information systems and their employees. We call it a state of security. We use our philosophy and the carefully crafted services to not only help shape our client’s cybersecurity goals but also achieve their business objectives by leveraging Cloud technologies.

What’s in the name?

ISHVAR is derived from the word ISHVARA from ancient Indian literature. The root of the word Ishvara comes from īś- (ईश, Ish) which means “capable of” and “owner, ruler, chief of”, ultimately cognate with English own (Germanic *aigana, PIE *aik-). The second part of the word Ishvara is vara which means depending on context, “best, excellent, beautiful”, “choice, wish, blessing, boon, gift”. The composite word, Ishvara means “owner of best, beautiful”, “ruler of choices, blessings, boons.”

Our People

We pride ourselves in working with the elite and proven in the industry

Our associates are all elite experts, highly ethical and dedicated to helping you improve your cybersecurity. We keep ourselves on top of the very latest industry developments and have acquired top accreditations and industry certifications, including CISSP, CISA, CISM, CEH, CHECK, CREST, SABSA, TOGAF, PCI DSS QA and ISO 27001 LA.

The way we are organised to deliver quality to our clients

We are not an employer who believes in 9 to 5 monotonous desk job. We seek every day to be new and that’s one of the key factors of our existence as a niche player in this market.  For every customer and the challenges they face we formulate a dynamic team who poses the specific skills and experience required to get the job done.

Our dynamic teams are guided and steered by industry experts who impart essential stream of fresh blood that shapes every decision that we make to help our customers defend against Cyber threats in a given business context. Our mentors are led by the management team.

The instigator


Chief Mentor & Managing Director


Madhan founded ISHVAR. Madhan has more than 21 years of experience in Information Security worked with distinguishable clients across Singapore, India, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Central and North Africa, UK and USA. He brings with him unique experience of working across different industry sectors on business and security transformation programmes. Madhan has an MBA in Leadership and Strategy. He is a long-standing member of ISC2 holding CISSP since 2001. He has also held numerous technology certifications in addition to CISA and ISO 27001.